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Eco-friendliness nowadays is an essential part of the self-image of many companies – from environmentally friendly office equipment and sustainable procurement of office materials to ecological business strategies. This also includes the pre-selection of waste and recyclable materials in office buildings. Here functionality is paramount but companies use to set a high value also on an attractive design. Campus Goool offers space for three fractions but its slim product design still allows a space-saving integration in passageways and office corridors.


CAMPUS GOOOL is the most sustainable solution for the pre-selection of waste indoors. The bin is completely recyclable, and it can be manufactured from up to 100% recycled material. Its high quality guarantees a long product life. This container makes the collection of various fractions clearly more ergonomic and economic. The improved separation of recyclable materials results in a higher recycling ratio.


The classy design of the new CAMPUS GOOOL easily adapts also to a stylish office environment. A choice of material effects and many special colours allow an individual look which adapts to the respective interior design without affecting it negatively. Markings and labels on the cover and side areas can be adapted to the corresponding company design.


  • A sustainable solution for environmentally oriented companies
  • 100% recyclable
  • Highest-quality for a long product life
  • Economical and ecological - a single waste container that replaces a large number of waste-paper baskets
  • Clearly reduced costs for emptying
  • Minimal need for rubbish bags
  • Better exploitation of recyclables due to the higher sorting accuracy which in turn leads to a higher recycling ratio
  • Production is possible from up to 100% recycled material


  • Watertight
  • Three removable 45 L inner containers
  • Surfaces are easy to clean
  • Covers are attached to the body with hinges, which can be locked in any position
  • Easy to move
  • Does not damage the floor
  • An easily operable and hygienic solution
  • Ready-to-use delivery in individual cartons


  • Various material effects
  • Individual design of labels and markings
  • Different deposit openings are possible
  • Many special colours are possible

Product Specifications:

  • L1200 x W400 x H800 mm FRP with individual PE Rotational Molded
  • FRP with individual PE Rotational Molded Liners.
  • Liner : D330 x H700 mm.
  • Capacity : 60 liter x 3 units.

Warranty :

  • One year from Production Defect

Product Specifications:

  • 6 to 8 weeks from PO approval date (available within our warehouse)

Product Specifications:

  • Based on given picture above