Bio Waste container



Bio waste is the organic waste that naturally originates from plant or animal sources and may be broken down by other living organisms.

Such wastes occur in households and companies, food waste and garden waste for example. Biodegradable waste is usually stored separately in so-called bio waste containers and composted or fermented

There is a high benefit for the environment: the waste turns into rich soil, biogas plants can produce biogas from bio waste which in turn can be used for the generation of heat and power. Furthermore the amount of residual waste is considerably reduced.

BIO WASTE containerS

Depending on the waste our bio waste containers can be equipped with various ventilation systems or our Bio Filter lid. Air circulation lets a lot of the occurring fluids evaporate and starts the process of composting in the bin already. Fresh air is led in, warmed-up gas is led away. Waste volume and weight decrease, odours are minimised, transport costs sink.The bio waste is already prepared for further recycling which increases profitability in the composting plants

Collection of bio waste helps the recycling of natural resources and the production of climate friendly energy


ESE's BIO SELECT portfolio offers various options to create the perfect container for different purposes. Generally air circulation is sufficient for garden waste while an increasing share of food waste requires a container with seal-proof Bio Filter lid.


ESE always considers the entire logistics and application chain when designing products including requirements for filling, emptying,handling, health and safety. The AWB fulfil all current European and national standards and are certified in accordance with the highest quality standard worldwide RAL-GZ 951/1.


Environmentally friendly
  • Long life expectancy
  • Recyclable
  • Frost-proof
  • Chemical resistant
  • High UV resistance
Lid Spacer

The distance between body and lid can be created alternatively by teeth or rubber stops. The container is not airtight and air circulation possible.

Airing Sieves

Airing sieves on top and bottom of the container sides allow increased air circulation in the container. Lateral sieves and honeycomb perforation can be combined to create a larger ventilation area.

Hole pattern

Hole patterns on two container sides create air circulation in the container. Lateral sieves and honeycomb perforation can be combined to create a larger ventilation area which increases drying and reduces weight and odours.

Airing Sieves

The bio grid has been exclusively developed for our new CL container series. It allows the fluids from the bio waste to drop down. The separated fluids evaporate via the lateral airing sieves. The grid can be folded up so remaining waste is removed during waste collection and the container can be easily cleaned.

The bio grid can be pre-assembled in order to avoid further efforts on customer side. The available volume remains at minimum 90% despite the grid.



The Bio Filter lid comes with an elastic double seal completely sealing body and lid.Bugs and their maggots and other vermin cannot get into the container.Gases can only escape through the filter.

The filter material in the Bio Filter lid is an organic substrate based on coconut fibre. It contains active enzymes and micro-organisms which neutralise odours. Composting already starts in the container. At the same time the humidity in the container inhibits the spread of harmful spores

Every two years the filter material should be exchanged and disposed of via the bio container.The Bio Filter lid is compatible with a selection of ESE 2-wheel containers up to 240 L. Bins can be upgraded with the filter lid on demand.The Bio Filter lid should only be mounted on bins without ventilation devices. It only works properlyon airtight containers.

COMPATIBILITY - Whick Modules Match Which container?
60 L
80 L
120 L
140 L
240 L
120 SL
180 SL
240 SL

Technical Data

Lid Spacer Bio Grid Ventilation Sieve Hole Pattern Bio Filter Lid
Lateral Top Lateral Bottom
60 Standard X* - X - - X
80 Standard X* - X X X X
120 CL X X X X X X
140 CL X X X X X X
180 CL X - X X X -
240 CL X X X X X -
120 SL X - X X X X
180 SL X* - X X X -
240 SL X* - X X X X
360 SL X* - X X X -

Fruits and vegetables, tea and coffee grounds and filters, eggshells, potting soil – these are few examples for bio waste occurring in private households.Putting them into the bio container minimises the residual waste and contributes to the raw materials cycle. For bio waste in private households we recommend our pre-sorting bins for a comfortable and odourless pre-collection. They are robust, easy to clean and can be emptied into the bio container or composter.


ESE pre-sorting bins are available in further volume sizes with bio filter lid.If beside garden and vegetable waste also food waste is collected they provide the best and most comfortable solution. The Bio Filter lid prevents vermin from entering. Gas can only escape via the bio filter which neutralises odours. The pre-sorting bins with Bio Filter lid are available in the volume sizes 10 l, 20 l, 25 l and 40 l..


Our composters are manufactured from high-quality recycled and weather-resistant plastic. They are extremely robust and made to be exceedingly durable. Inside the system is made to encourage rapid and continuous composting of garden waste, fruit and vegetables into nutrient-rich compost..

The parallel usage of ESE container systems for bio recyclables and ESE composters is the perfect solution for bio waste: BIO SELECT Bio Filter lid for food waste and the composter for garden waste..

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