MGB 660-1100 SL

Easy and Safe?

Flat LID - High Standard

Our coordinated range of 4-wheeled containers incorporate a robust flat lid design, which includes a simple hinge mechanism ensuring maintenance-free use. Their compact dimensions and simple operation mean that they are suitable for many applications. An additional child safety lock is not required.

1. Comprehensive Standard

Reinforced body construction,particularly at the front and rear edges

Base structure and high stress areas are computer-designed and tested for durability

Lids have side lip for automatic closing and positioning when on uneven ground

Wider symmetrical trunnion retainer with reinforcement tubes

Stronger lid pins

Comprehensive Standard

Our ergonomic handles on the side as standard (two handles are replaceable)

DIN comb receiver with honeycomb ribbing

Secure, centrally positioned water drain plug

Reinforced wheel housings

Rounded edges at the base

Optional paper hood
Lid restrictor to 30° (Munich model)
Wide trunnion

Technical Data

MGB 500 660 770 1100
Nominal volume ( l ) 500 660 770 1100
Weight of container (kg) 38 40 43 50
Max. permissible weight (kg) 240 310 360 510
A Overall height (mm) 1135 1213 1365 1354
B Overall width (mm) 1360 1373 1373 1373
C overall depth (mm) 655 780 776 1073
D Height to upper edge comb (mm) 1050 1088 1240 1206
E Wheel diameter 200 200 200 200

Selection of Options

  • Locking devices
  • Various recycling inserts
  • Noise reduction
  • Central brake system
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Towing device
  • Foot-operated lid opening
  • Lid restrictor to 30 (Munich model)
  • Identification systems
MGB 660
MGB 770
MGB 1100

Smooth surfaces mean easy maintenance

Eight ribs in the chip-nest secure the permanent positioning of the transponder

Colours: 16 standard colours; additional colours on request

2.Functional and conforming to standards

ESE always considers the entire logistic and application chain when designing products, including requirements for filling, emptying,handling and health and safety.

The MGB fulfils all current European and national standards and is certified in accordance with the highest quality standard worldwide,the RAL-GZ 951/1.

Universal Emptying

The flat lid containers can be emptied into front, rear and side loading vehicles using comb and trunnion retainers. The flat lid does not require a lid opener.

Special lifting devices are available on request.

Side handles replaceable
Base construction optimised through computer design
Reinforced wheel housing
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