Open Top containers

Open Top containers

Open containers are made of steel. Hook and wire systems,back rolls, double doors in back. Hooks on side for tarpaulin cover. Blasted surface, applied primer and cover painted in color of client’s choice. containers are available in wide range of dimensions. As an option we offer open top or closed containers.

Standard sizes:

  • 6000x2450x2700 mm
  • 6000x2450x2450 mm
  • 6000x2450x2100 mm
  • 6000x2450x1760 mm
  • 6000x2450x1500 mm
  • 6000x2450x1370 mm
  • 6000x2450x1250 mm
  • 6000x2450x1050 mm
  • 6000x2450x900 mm

Main features:

  • Strong steel design
  • Blasted SA2.5, grounded and painted
  • Bottom 4 mm, sides 3 mm metal sheet
  • Frame profiles (U-profile 100x50x4 mm)
  • Hook and wire systems
  • Back rolls
  • Douple door in the back
  • Hooks on side for cover
  • Steel plates can be Raex or other material
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