Sweeper - 477

Sweeper - 477

The Haaga 477 Profi-Line with additional roller brush for fine dirt, even the last dirt still takes with. The perfect device for use on medium and large areas. Return quickly, cleanly and thoroughly almost everything - even wet leaves or a drink can be added.

The additional equipment Profi-Line offers both comfort and protection for the user and the machine.

Special ergonomic headband for fatigue-free work!

Specially protected gear for longer service intervals!

Special rubber seal for extremely low-dust sweeping!

With a net weight of 14.4 kg, designed so that it is agile to push and easy to carry. A spacer roller facilitates optimal cleaning along edges without damaging the wall or machine.

The fully tiltable push bar allows vertical storage without already opposite dirt will be lost. On the special polyamide brush you get a wear warranty of 2 years!

The Turbo sweeping system

In contrast to the usual rolling sweepers take the special Haaga circular brooms the dirt before the machine. No disturbing front wheel, rubber lip or a deep-seated dirt container hinders dirt. The circular brooms cut under the debris, lift it and push it directly into the container. An additional built-in roller brush ensures that even the finest dirt is picked up. Even wet and dry leaves, stones, flat or large debris is picked up effortlessly. By protruding circular brooms, you can return directly along the wall.

warranty on brush wear 2 years
working principle Turbo System
Sweeping width 77 cm
container volume 50 liters
Sweeping performance 2,900 m²/h
Weight 13 kg


  • For all flat, hard surfaces of up to 200m²
  • industrial carpets
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • road dirt, leaves, small waste - dry or wet


  • polyamide plate brushes with 2 years wear guarantee
  • Adjustable height
  • cornering
  • Full swiveling handlebar
  • strap-free direct drive cross-country gear
  • container locking
  • Big wheels with rubber coating
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