Sweeper - 255

Sweeper - 255

The Haaga 255 is a premium machine for sweeping small and medium-sized areas. It can quickly and thoroughly sweep up almost everything - even wet leaves and beverage cans.

The Haaga 255 weighs only 5 kg and is therefore light-weight and easy to push and carry. Rollers on both sides of the machine make optimal cleanliness along edges possible without damaging the wall or the machine.

The fully-folding push handle allows the machine to be stored upright without it loosing any of the contents of the dirt container.

The disc brush system

In contrast to otherwise typical roller brush sweeping machines, Haaga's special disc brushes whisk up the dirt in front of the machine. There is neither a problematic front wheel, rubber lip, nor a low-lying dirt container to impede the intake of dirt. The disc brushes cut the dirt away from the ground and whisk it directly into the container. Everything, including wet and dry leaves, stones, flat or large material will be swept up. The protruding disc brushes allow you to sweep all the way up to and directly along walls.

The special polyamide brushes are guaranteed against wear for 2 years!

The advantages of the haaga 200 series:

  • Sweeps dry and wet leaves
  • space-saving storage;
  • the dirt in the bin does not fall out
  • Trouble-free, belt-less operation
  • light-weight construction for fatigue-free operation
Guaranty for brush wear normal wear
Type of operation Disc brush sweeping system
Sweeping width 55 cm
container volume 25 liters
Sweeping capacity 1,600 m²/h


  • For all flat, hard surfaces of up to 200m²
  • Industrial-grade carpet
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Street dirt, leaves, small garbage – dry or wet


  • Polyamide disc brushes with a 2 year guarantee against wear
  • Height freely adjustable
  • Side guide left and right
  • Fully-folding push handle with ergonomic moulded recess grip
  • Belt-less direct drive with continual drive
  • Locking dirt container
  • Large wheels with rubber coating
  • 1 Lubrication spray for drive maintenance
Mini Sweeper 255
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