TRACK - Electric Self-Propelled Trolley

Electric self-propelled trolley - Multi-tools

Electric truck propelled multi tools TRACK helps push, to pull, carry loads effortlessly.

TRACK is capable of towing all types of trucks, trailers and bins ordures.Il is very easy to drive with one hand and without effort, his drive controller pilot thumb. Long battery life lets you work all day. Its great maneuverability, its small footprint and reduced width make possible doorways.

Long battery life lets you work all day High maneuverability and its small footprint and reduced width make possible doorways

There are many applications: Clean, construction,hospitals, industries, recreation, community

TRACK machine can : push, tow, carry heavy loads without any effort.

TRACK can tow all kinds of trailers, trolleys, trash bins.

High autonomy : 1 working day (depends on the use)

Easy to handle (with 1 hand only) - Speed variator activated with thumb.

Reduced width (less than a door width)

Many applications : building and public works sector, hospitals, industry, tourism, local communities…

TRACK can be combined with :

  • Vacuum unit ASPI TRACK
  • Electric self-propelled broom BROOM TRACK
  • Weeding machine with steam STEAM TRACK
  • Weeding machine with brush BRUSH TRACK

Technical characteristics :

  • Width = 75 cm
  • Speed (forward mode) : 0 to 6 km/h
  • Low sound level
  • Engine power : 1500 Watt
  • High autonomy : until 16 hours
  • Time counter and level battery indicator
  • Traction capacity : 3000 kg
  • Adjustable steering head with wings - Suitable for left or right handed users
  • Anti-crushing system on the steering head - “Deadman’s security device”
  • Automatic and electromagnetic parking brake
  • Bent coupling ball 3500 Kg
  • Electrical wiring for tools modules

0% CO2 emission

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