Ecology Through Technology


Our range of compactors are suited to a variety of waste management situations. Each compactor is economical, efficient and configurable with a wide range of options.

1. Reduces the number of waste collection cycles required for MSW

2. Segregates Bio/Organic waste from dry waste to facilitate clean recycling

3. Eliminates odor and presence of vermin at urban collection points

4. Reduces cost of waste handling

5. Allows retro fitting to existing locations

6. Reduces carbon footprint (reducing quantity and frequency of truck collections).

The product is comprised of three sections, two stationary and one mobile. The stationary section is fitted permanently into a residential area such as an underground car park or yard and comprises the bin lifting device, pressing unit and lifting device. (The lifting device enables operation within confined spaces such as, with low height clearance). The mobile unit is essentially a watertight container with two compartments; the first compartment holds material with high fluid content and bio waste

On board telemetry system, that warns when unit requires emptying.

Automatic fire suppression system.

Ozone odor removal system, which eradicates waste odor.

Other Compactors