Ecology Through Technology

Smart Mini Compactor

Product can be integrated in to semi-underground, above ground or fully underground systems! Retrofitting existing systems..

  • Reduction in # of sites to be emptied
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Reduction in emptying time
  • Reduction in truck wear & tear
  • Collection & service cost savings
  • Reduction in carbon emissions

Eliminates unexpected overfilling

Larger waste material such as cardboard boxes are often carelessly thrown into containers resulting in jamming in the middle of the container, resulting in unpredicted container overfilling. This in turn forces users to store waste material next to the overfilled containers. Our mini-compactor eliminates this problem keeping the surrounding area tidy and clean up expenses to a minimum.

Technologically advanced options

Developed in conjunction with market leader Satron Mini compactor options include a fill level sensor which relay's information via GSM to avoid unnecessary collections and optimise routines – reducing our customers’ costs. We also offer a smart key system, which is ideal for residential scenarios where it is important to track frequency of use. A log of each users usage frequency is relayed back to our secure servers. This can be combined with our weighing system, which can track the amount of waste added by each user and lock the container when the maximum limit has been reached.

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