Baling Tainer

The BaleTainer® is a fully automatic baling press which easily compacts large quantities of paper, cardboard packaging, film and empty PET bottles into high-density bales. The BaleTainer® is suitable for a wide range of applications.Whether in the retail trade, beverage industry, logistics sector or production – the BaleTainer® fits in anywhere! The Bale-Tainer® can be installed on the premises directly at the place where the material is accruing. This reduces the time and the costs required for long transport journeys and improves inhouse logistics. Your material is no longer lying loosely on the premises, thus creating an atmosphere of order and cleanliness and saving space.

The BaleTainer® bales can be directly sold to paper mills and recycling companies and achieve maximum proceeds, which makes your disposal procedures profitable.

The operational principle

The material is manually or automatically thrown into the BaleTainer®. It is then automatically conveyed into the pressing chamber and pressed in segments into bales. The finished bales are automatically tied up and pushed out.

The material is thrown into the feed channel of the BaleTainer® without pre-shredding.

A swing device then pushes the material to the rotor.

The strong rotor conveys the material into the pressing chamber.

The finished bales can be stacked and are discharged fully automatically

Pressing force in kN 600
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1,85 x 2,8 x 6,5 m
Machinery weight 6.000 - 8.000 kg
Electricity supply 400 V, 3 ph
Bale weight up to 400 kg (3 slices)
Bale dimensions 1,1 x 1,1 x 0,8 m (3 slices)
Surface pressure 180 t/m3
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