APS 35/42/55

Horizontal Baling Press APS

Concentrated pressure

Continuously operating horizontal baling press for cardboard and plastic film. Suitable for automatic feeding due to special cutting system. The hydraulically secured ejection door ensures high bale weights and maximum operator safety. Vertical binding with wire.

  • High level of automation
  • Remarkable throughput performance
  • special designed cutting system
  • High bale weights


  • special cutting system ensures continuous and automatic feeding
  • Maximum ease of operation at the touch of a button
  • Hydraulically secured ejection door ensures maximum safety and high bale weights
  • Loading apertures and binding slots are protected with safety cages and grids
  • High level of automation and remarkable throughput performance
  • Bale length is adjustable due to horizontal binding with wire or plastic strapping tape
  • in combination with a tipping device the ideal solution for industry and warehouses.
  • Bale is ejected automatically.
  • High durability and reliability based on our quality standards.
Model APS 35 APS 42 APS 55
Compression force 350 kn 420 kn 550 kn
Motor 11 | 15 kW 15 | 22 kW 22 kW
Compression Time 40 | 60 Sec 40 | 60 Sec 70 Sec
specific pressure force 58 N/cm² 56 N/cm² 50 N/cm²
loading aperture 1200x740 mm 1200x940 mm 1400x1040 mm
loading height 1600 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm
Bale size 800x750x1200 mm 1000x750x1200 mm 1100x1000x1200 mm
bale weight 150-300 kg 250-450 kg 500-800 kg
binding 4v 4v 4v
dimensions lxwxh 6400x1300x2500 mm 6400x1500x2500 mm 7600x1600x2700 mm
weight 6200 kg 7200 kg 11000 kg
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